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Special Projects

Here are a few of our special projects - please take a minute to read through this list.  I am sure one of these projects will touch your heart in a special way.  If it does, please contact us - we need your help!

Orphan Cry Care Paks  [see more..]

Orphan Cry sends "Care Paks" to orphanages, boarding schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and churches on a regular basis.  The Care Paks  contain some or all of the following items: toys, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, school supplies, bibles, and Christian literature for the children in the facilities.  We also often send Care Paks to the directors of these facilities who have graciously allowed us to minister to the children in their charge.  The Care Pak ministry has been a great encouragement to the directors of the facilities we serve, and has been one of the most exciting things we do for the orphan children - in between our visits.   If you would like to assist us in the Care Pak ministry, please contact us.  PS:  If you contribute to our Care Pak ministry and would like to write a short letter to accompany a Care Pak, we would be happy to arrange this for you - it is a nice touch for the children to receive such letters - photographs are also nice.


Orphan Cry sponsors scholarships to send orphan children to college or the university when they are no longer able to stay at the orphanage.  The teens are most vulnerable at this age when they face leaving the orphanage and entering a very harsh world all on their own.  (Please see the  "Disturbing Facts" regarding teens in Russian orphanages)  The orphanages do the best job they can providing education through grade school - a college or university diploma will greatly increase the opportunities for these children to lead a successful adult life.  The children are very bright, dedicated and work very hard - but without outside help, a college degree is simply out of reach for most Russian orphan children.  If you would like to contribute to our scholarship program, or would like more information, please contact us.

Kindness Renovation Project

Kindness is a children's rehabilitation center in Kaluga, Russia.  We love this place!!!!  The center is labeled as a children's center for the treatment of cerebral palsy, but serves children with other disabilities as well.  The center is housed in an old building that still needs lots of work - much has been done, but much work remains to be done.  The facility is multi-floor but does not have any elevators or even ramps.  Many of the children there are wheel chair bound.  During a previous  visit we witnessed a young girl fall out of her wheel chair and down a flight of concrete stairs when several female staffers where trying to carry her (in her chair) down the stairs.  Since then, we have provided the facility with a "Stair Trac" machine to move wheel chairs up and down the stairways.  But there are other needs we would still like to meet here.    We need your help!

Kaluga Regional Blood Donation Center Project

The Blood Donation & Transfusion Center in Kaluga Russia is in desperate need of modernized equipment for the collection, processing, and storage of blood and blood products.  Specifically, the center needs new centrifuges, blood storage freezers, and supplies for daily operation.  If you can help in this area - or know someone in the medical field who could - please contact us.  The assistance we provide to this center is a positive testimony to the community of our overall ministry in the Kaluga area.

Ken Wilcox, Orphan Cry Executive Director, (and Rotarian) has been working with the Bainbridge Rotary Club and the Moscow Capital Rotary Club to secure funding for projects to benefit this center.  Ken has helped to secure two new plasma storage freezers so far.  The Center in Kaluga Russia is still in desperate need of additional equipment as listed above.  Please consider a donation to either Orphan Cry or the Bainbridge Rotary Club for these important project medical needs.

Short Term Mission Outreach Trips

Orphan Cy arranges for short-term mission trips several times each year.  Opportunities exist for volunteers to help us with music ministry, children's ministry, and construction work for churches and orphan facilities.  All of these endeavors cost money for travel,  materials & supplies.  If you would like to help support our volunteer trips - we would be most appreciative.  Orphan Cry can also use donated "Frequent Flyer Miles" to help keep the cost of travel down - airfare to and from Russia is one of our biggest expenses for our mission trips.   We have a number of teens currently raising funds to join us on our next short term trip which will be in late July of 2006.  If you would like to contribute to our short term mission outreach, we would be most grateful.

Polotnyany Zavod Boarding Home for Handicapped Children

The invalid Hospital in Polotyana Zavod houses around 250 severely handicapped, sick, and dying children.  The facility is located in a poor rural region.  The facility is run by loving, caring staff, but they are terribly under resourced and in great need.  One of the things the director informed  as one of their greatest needs was diapers.  As simple as this sounds, diapers are fundamental to good hygiene and proper health of the children.  They simply do not have an adequate supply.  Orphan Cry has provided diapers to the center - but it is never enough.  We have also provided  a new washing machine and desperately needed new beds.  More beds are still needed.  Please help us as we continue to support the children in this center. 

Zhiletovo Renovation Project

The Zhiletovo "Social Rehabilitation Center" is a facility where children from troubled families are placed under guardianship and housed.  Many have been severely neglected or abused.  Here they are evaluated, treated, and tenderly cared for - some are eventually sent to an orphanage after parental rights are denied.  The center has several areas within the building that are in desperate need of repair and are not currently used.  Orphan Cry has already helped to renovate many parts of this facility - including a new dining hall, a new kitchen, and new bathrooms.  There is still much work to do.  Orphan Cry volunteers from America have performed some of the work - while we have hired local Russians to do other tasks.  We have even had some help from the kids in the center.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for both them an us - the boys really enjoy being able to work with the tools.  Zhiletovo is a very special place for us - please help us to continue to improve this facility for these children - they are very appreciative.

Russian Visitors

During the summer of 2006, Orphan Cry brought three of our Russian ministry partners to the United States for two weeks.  It was the first time they have been to the USA - and the first time two of them have ever left their homeland.  Their names are Farid, Irina, and Yegor. 

They traveled to area churches performing music, sharing their personal testimonies, and sharing about what God is doing in their city and through their church - Grace Church in Kaluga, Russia.

After the two weeks, they returned to Russia, along with our Summer 2006 Short-Term Summer Mission Team.  It was awesome time of ministry.

Since that time, Irina has married (April 2007).  Director Ken Wilcox and Reverend Chris Prezorski had the privilege of attending the wedding ceremony in Russia during our Spring 2007 Short-Term Mission Trip.

Joint Venture with Bainbridge Rotary Club

Orphan Cry Executive Director Ken Wilcox traveled to Russia In November 2006 with a delegation of Rotarians from Bainbridge, New York to provide humanitarian support to the Kaluga Blood Center and several area orphanages.  The project was in cooperation with the Moscow Rotary Club. Pictured at right are Robert Dann, Michael Wilcox, Anne Marie Schaeffer, and Kenneth Wilcox.  Rotary has been a supporter of several Orphan Cry projects in the Kaluga Region.

If you would like to designate a contribution for one of these special projects, please so indicate on your check memo, or in the comment section of the on-line contribution screen - we will make sure the donation is utilized as you intended.  However, you do not need to designate a particular project - flexibility for us to  apply your donation to the area of greatest need would be most appreciated.   Thank you for  your concern and your generosity!

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