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Our Purpose

Orphan Cry's primary purpose is sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ with children as well as adults.  At the same time, we want to put God’s love in action by providing critical humanitarian aid.  We travel to Russia  to hand-deliver humanitarian aid and Christian books to children in the places of greatest need - places such as orphanages, boarding schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and youth prisons. The aid opens the doors for ministry, allowing us to be used by God to give everlasting hope to the children by meeting them face-to-face and sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

We are especially concerned for the young teenager who is in the transition period of leaving the orphanage to enter into the real Russian world - often times, a world without hope for the Russian orphan.  These children are often considered outcasts in their society, with little hope for further education or a secure job.  Many times children leave the orphanage as early as age 16.

DISTURBING FACTS                       

  • There are over one million orphan children in Russia.

  • 30% turn to crime - Prostitution for girls; organized crime for boys.

  • 60% end up jobless and homeless.

  • over 50% spend time in prison

  • 10% take their own lives.

Please help us reach these kids while we still can!           

The above statistics come in to reality in the life of an orphan child at the time when they must leave the protection of the orphanage and face life in Russia alone, afraid, and uncertain of their future.  Orphan Cry was formed to help such children - Please help us do so!

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